Chateau Beach Resort and Spa in New Caledonia_international trvael blog

Why international travel and your event go hand in hand

Chateau Beach Resort and Spa in New Caledonia_international trvael blog

Recently we were lucky enough to be invited aboard a luxury 37m yacht on the Sydney harbour with leaders in the hospitality and event industry by the Chateau Royal beach resort and spa in Noumea. A luxury yacht ride with a beautiful sunset on the Sydney harbour with French cuisine? Of course, we said YES!

The event was to showcase The Chateau Beach Resort and Spa in New Caledonia and confirm its place in the Australian market.
It might seem out of reach for many but taking your event overseas can be of huge benefit and here is why;

  • Who are your speakers? Sometimes the best in the industry aren’t necessarily in your hometown so moving your event can greatly expand your options when it comes to who you choose at your event.
  • Hosting events outside your country can greatly expand your networking capability. Choosing desirable locations can attract clients from around the globe expanding on your global knowledge of the market and potentially building new relationships within your field.
  • International events allow your guests to explore parts of the world they may never have seen and allowing them to combine business and pleasure with a much-needed break. Incorporating off site adventures that take in local cultures and traditions can greatly enhance their experience and memories related to your event making it incredibly rewarding for all.
  • Heading away from home can really loosen up those creative juices. Being out of your comfort zone and away from the daily grind can really help your attendees relax and open up, allowing creativity to flow! Who knows? Something magic might just happen!

The Chateau Royal Beach Resort and Spa is located in Noumea, New Caledonia. A paradise in the Pacific with French flair, the 4-star beachfront resort has 110 suites offering 6 meeting spaces including a 350m2 ballroom which can cater up to 500 people in a cocktail setting. Surrounded with stunning outdoor areas including a tropical park, all facing lagoons. The park alone can cater up to 5000 people in party mode making it a unique location for larger events.

The Chateau Royal also offers unique yachting activities with two vessels entirely dedicated to offering an outstanding discovery of Noumea and South New Caledonia. Their 24m Iroue yacht is the only accredited yacht for charter in New Caledonia.

The Spa offers a one of a kind experience with an Aquatonic Pool. A 300m2 pool with 12 hydro massage stations giving you a unique moment of wellbeing. Along with a fully equipped gym, they also cater to people looking for more of a challenge, with aqua aerobics and aqua bike classes.

The Chateau is renowned for unique and creative events in a relaxed manner making it a perfect destination to choose for your next event.
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Why not consider Noumea for your next event?