Upcoming trends in event management


Standing out from the crowd in the event industry can be a tough gig with an increasing number of companies wanting to engage with their consumers and audiences authentically – we’re continually upping the ante with what’s on offer.

Each year we see new trends sweep the industry and 2019/2020 has and will be no different. Below are just some of the ways we’ve seen and will continue to see companies get it right here at Sane Event Group.

Making it yours

Unexpected locations and transformations will bring you greater attention as your attendees share images of your event with their online community. We are now having to think about design, interaction and a social media backdrop that is set to WOW. Of course, it’s imperative to ensure that you’re reflecting on the goals of your event in your design as well as making in ‘Instagram worthy’ for your quests. Go beyond the standard.

All things technology

Technology continues to offer benefits for all events and we’re expecting to see a rise in usage in a number of high-tech processes across the coming 12 months.

Chatbots will become normal – as we adjust to having automated assistance at home (Google home, Apple, etc), it’s only natural that we’ll feel comfortable to have standard questions answered by Chatbots as we attend events too. And it will save funds and resources covering questions like ‘what time does this session end?’ ‘when is the break?’ ‘Is there a bathroom?’ etc.

Having a correlating app for your event assists in personalising your offerings based on pre-profiled questions. These days we expect a service that isn’t blanketed to everyone – it’s time to get even further into who your consumers are to offer them a more personalised approach.

VR content is becoming more accessible also – you can offer virtual tours of a product, service or space – have your attendees complete surveys or even engage in a gaming break. VR experiences are sure to get your attendees talking both in and outside of the event.

With live streaming on offer, these days you can reach those interested in your brand right around the globe. Understanding what works and what doesn’t is a large part of the success of events. With online polling and surveys on the up – real time analysis and stats for your event are at your fingertips and will keep you updated on how you can improve next time around. These are all things the expert team at Sane Event Group can help with.

Keeping it connected

Nobody wants to attend an event anymore that involves only listening and watching long presentations on products and services. Invest in the hands-on experience of workshops and activities to build interaction and immersion with your attendees. Active involvement proves for better attention and connection but also a retelling of stories outside of your event. Provide a VIP experience to those who have supported your vision in the past with loyalty rewards in way of discounts or additions to those who have previously attended. Be familiar, not a stranger to just a crowd of numbers.

Get diverse! As a nation we continue to grow in diversity and showing this within your speakers will only enhance engagement. Include people outside of your industry or target market. If you’re really game – the payoff for having someone speak who has an opposing opinion can get a crowd talking.

Giving back

If you didn’t know already mindfulness and wellness have been the buzzwords of 2018 – 2019 and are not showing any signs of leaving throughout 2020. To assist with mindfulness, you can incorporate outdoor breaks and/or activities. These breaks for the brain will elevate concentration and creativity and inject a new round of endorphins into your attendees.

Be and promote sustainability by re-using, re-purposing, and recycling where you can.

These are just a few trends that are coming through strong within our industry. Our industry is an evolutionary one and it is vital we stay on our toes and adapt to the change – where possible we will pioneer the change. Together we can drive change and position your brand as a change leader – a talking point with an exceptional event that is on trend and provides hot topics for your delegates to talk about for years to come. Talk to one of the Sane Event Group team and lets get ready for 2020.