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Event Industry Developments in 2020

Sane Jan 2020 development image

The objective of every event management company is to organise the perfect event, where every attendee is impressed and walks away saying wow that was a great event! To do so it is important to keep an eye on the industry trends and have them in mind when planning your next event.

Below is a prepared list of event trends in 2020 that will help you in creating the best possible event. Start making plans for the upcoming year now!

The Most Important Event Industry Developments In 2020

1. Sustainability

The event industry is showing more and more commitment to sustainability. Event managers try to make their events more eco-friendly and reduce the impact on the environment.

On average, it takes 5liters of water to produce only 1 piece of A4 paper. In addition, most of the flyers and promotion papers end up in trash. To reduce the wastage we should try to ban single-use plastics, switch to e-tickets and use digital goodie bags. For example, Sane Event Group can offer a sustainable digital solution which increases the interaction between delegates, exhibitors and sponsors.
Make eco-friendliness a part of your goal and experience and move forward to reach it.

2. Online Events

It’s getting more and more popular to bring an event into the digital world and offer online participation.

Organisers are interested in creating unique visitor experience, and virtual events will create even more challenges in this sphere. Simple live streamings are not enough nowadays: attendees want to be involved in the event, interact with each other and get the full set of tools. In order to fulfil the expectations you can implement 360-degree streaming, create chats and rooms for interaction between participants, give access to all materials and tools.

Online events, such as different workshops, conferences and courses, are a great opportunity. They help to reduce unnecessary travel and lessen the impact on the environment. Visitors from different parts of the world are able to participate and they don’t have to pay extra for travel expenses.

3. Giving back

If you didn’t know already mindfulness and wellness have been the buzzwords of 2018 – 2019 and are not showing any signs of leaving throughout 2020. To assist with mindfulness, you can incorporate outdoor breaks and/or activities. These breaks for the brain will elevate concentration and creativity and inject a new round of endorphins into your attendees.

Be and promote sustainability by re-using, re-purposing, and recycling where you can.
These are just a few trends that are coming through strong within our industry. Our industry is an evolutionary one and it is vital we stay on our toes and adapt to the change – where possible we will pioneer the change. Together we can drive change and position your brand as a change leader – a talking point with an exceptional event that is on trend and provides hot topics for your delegates to talk about for years to come.

4. Networking – Create Connections

A lot of visitors go to events because of networking opportunities. Attendees can meet people interested in the same sphere and search for valuable contacts. They can find potential customers and clients and get advice from professionals in their industry.

If you want to make your event efficient for networking opportunities, then think of ways to deliver it. Providing only a networking room is not enough now, there are more tools to do that. Networking chats and apps are gaining popularity because they help to find information about others in advance, and visitors can create connections even before the event itself. Then, special activities such as workshops and brainstorming are great for people to know each other.

5. Customise your event!

Despite being used in many events already, customisation will be only growing in 2020.

It allows participants to get exactly what they need and create a unique event for everyone. There are several ways of making the event more customised.

For instance, allow your attendees to make their agenda themselves according to their own interests. You can provide the whole list of speakers/conferences with the timetable and allow your participants to create their own path in this event.

Another idea is to ask your visitors about their interests and then send them customised content and relevant information that fits their needs. With the help of technologies and AI event managers like Sane Event Group can create customised schedules and venue maps for each attendee.

Customisation of visitors’ experiences leads to a more successful event. Hence, people will get much more value and will have positive feelings after attending it. By using Sane Event Group you can create customised messages, interactive quizzes and surveys, and offer exclusive offers!

6. Data-Driven Planning

Using data to plan and execute your event will be a must-have in the upcoming year. Creation of customised experience, analysis of potential attendees and possible sessions, management of expectations are done by using data. Based on visitors’ tastes and interests, you can create customised pop-ups and notifications about conferences and speakers. Then, real-time feedback and analysis can be done by creating live polls and asking for feedback. You will be able to react and improve your event even faster than before.

Create a chatbot for your event to provide everyone with the relevant information and free you from extra work. It can be used as customer service to answer common questions, provide updates and send reminders.

7. Focus On Diversity

Planning events with keeping diversity in mind is going to be very important in 2020. Diversification goes far beyond race and gender, it also includes age, physical abilities, language, allergies and a lot more. Keep in mind people’s preferences and specifications and try to organise your event with the focus on it. For example, you can include signs in different languages, provide catering for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free food, ensure good accessibilities of all spaces and a lot more.

The ability to create an event for everyone and not exclude any of the participants is very important for your event success.

8. Non-Traditional Venues

Event planners will shift from choosing traditional venues to unique spaces that could never be associated with events before. The conferences are moved to farms, warehouses, lofts and even popular streets and laneways!

Such places create great experience for attendees. However, before quitting the traditional hotel or hall, make sure that the new location matches your goals, layout and theme of the event. Be prepared that the new venue may lack some important features, such as good WiFi connection, charging stations, a stage etc. You can also organise spaces for communication and interaction between visitors.

Hosting an event in unusual and visually attractive venue will enhance the experience of attendees and make a promotion for you – everyone will share pictures of the event on social media!

As you can see, the event industry doesn’t stand still. New solutions and formats are appearing, customers have higher expectations and old ways of organising an event are not attractive anymore.

Start planning and organising your next event according to the newest trends to fulfill visitors’ expectations and make yourself stand out of the crowd!

Talk to one of the Sane Event Group team and lets get ready for 2020.