“Never be afraid to go professionally where you are afraid to go personally – work is a very personal thing” – Phill Nosworthy

Known for their outstanding ability to bring together the best showcase of speakers we didn’t want to miss out on the 2019 Ode Management DARE speaker showcase. A couple of our team members and clients huddled into a packed, sell out space at the Hilton on May 28. In the lead up, the advertising promised an action-packed morning with speakers who excited, inspired and engaged – they were not wrong and were left energised and pumped for work.

Breakfast itself was fantastic and as we enjoyed the offering, the showcase started. It wasn’t long before we realised that ‘courage’ was trending as a key theme and was certainly evident with Lisa McInnes-Smith, Phill Nosworthy and Adam Ferrier. They discussed, in their own words, having the courage to evolve and stand out from the crowd, to create and make a meaningful impact; in our work, relationships and brand.

Lisa took us to a very personal place. Geared with a tennis racquet in hand she had no hesitation discussing her childhood and the values her parents instilled, to grow and transform. Living with an Australian tennis star as a father, she was taught control and courage. Her ability to so clearly articulate the need for constant change and transformation became crystal clear and as we looked around the room, we saw the penny drop for many others. Whilst not new, the reminder to change and transform and be courageous to step outside out comfort zones was a timely reminder. She talked about her dad, who was an Australian tennis champion in the 70s and how different his tennis shot had become between his youth and his passing – perplexed many looked on to why he was still playing as an elderly man – it was his courage to remain connected to the game and his courage to show control; transforming as the game did. Even at age 75 he was out practicing his drop shot – no this wasn’t about tennis; this was about being current and being brave. “If you are going to get brave, you need to do brave things in the private moments.”

As she set us on a strategic pathway of continuous improvement, Lisa energised, engaged, inspired and motivated whilst pointing out what robs, deflates and saps energy. Lisa talked about having the courage to step outside our comfort zone, especially with relationships. Talk to new people. Ask the unanswered questions. Make 50% of a conversation question based. Don’t talk at people – remain connected. “Choose 20seconds of embarrassing courage – make changes and make choices – keep joy in the connections and keep connecting”

The success of a business depends on the quality and depth of its leaders and their ability to grow together and lead effectively. A high functioning cohesive leadership team gets more accomplished in less time because they are not wasting time on the wrong issues. They trust one another and don’t avoid conflict. They capitalise on the capacities and skill sets of their colleagues and they’re always learning. The new business climate demands that we work smarter and more efficiently; we must constantly evaluate what we can do differently and, importantly, what we need to stop doing. Knowledge is power but being current is imperative.

“Knowledge is like underwear its useful, but you don’t like to show it off” Lisa McInnes-Smith

Phil encouraged us to realise we are not defined by our knowledge, we are defined by the impact and meaning we have on people and on business. Quite simply, he gave us two take home terms ‘mastering and meaning’. Mastering is being good at what you do. Meaning is what it means and the impact. With the number of hours, we all spend at work he reminded us how personal work is and the importance of the mastering and meaning the relationship with work and those professional based relationships. As Phill worked the room the laughter heightened. There was not a minute he sat still; he really worked that room. His topic of convergence was a powerful catalyst for transformation, providing us the insight for making life and work meaningful. He talked about adding thigs like decency, courage, generosity and honesty to the list of traits when looking for employees – not just tenacity, substance or grit – finding the balance is like a puzzle you need the pieces of mastering and meaning to fit.

This session didn’t fail to inspire. It powerfully converged insights from psychology, mythology and business best practices to offer an entirely new approach to creating extraordinary results.

By the end of the session we were confident on how to Converge our:

  1. Skill and Character – your talent < > the substance of who you are.
  2. Knowledge and Application – what you know < > what you put into practice.
  3. Identity and Reputation – who you think you are < > who ‘they’ say you are.
  4. Intention and Action – what you plan to do < > what you actually do.
  5. Confidence and Courage – how you feel < > what you are truly capable of.

Get the balance of mastering and meaning right. Be good at what you do by knowing what it means to you. “Never go professionally where you are afraid to go personally – work is a very personal thing” Phill Nosworthy.

Adam Ferrier is one of the leading consumer psychologists in Australia, a brand strategist he was someone we were excited to hear from. He suggests if a business has a marketing department then they are doing it all wrong. Why? because marketing becomes a silo and the responsibility of only that department. His belief is that everyone should drive marketing and be brand specialists – brand promoters. Starting from the top he asks businesses to have the courage to break the mould and rename their CEO to Chief Brand Officer. Not unlike the take homes from Phill, Adam discussed knowing the worth, the value of the brand. Rather than following a trend of being consumer centric, Adam encouraged us to think outside the box and put the brand first. Consumers are category obsessed not brand obsessed; he went on to explain. Once they need a new car, they will look to their category’s evoked set, this is when the brand is considered – through active consideration. He suggests if we focus on the value of the brand, our strategy and focus will be clearer, less diluted and more accurate rather than relying on consumers who only need us sometimes.

He encouraged a different type of courage. The courage to break away from the norm. To be an “Ikea” who have mastered their niche. People put value on what they buy from Ikea because of the journey. They spend half a day in the store, following a one-way trail and then need to put the product together when they get home. They know their brand and do not let consumers dilute it. However, despite high volumes of discretionary spend consumers still love Ikea and know what to expect, the brand has never changed. They have transformed to remain current, but they have mastered the meaning of their brand.

The morning was fun, engaging, inspiring and spoke to the audience well. Our table were certainly excited, pumped and looked forward to returning to our offices to think about things differently. At Sane Event Group we are excited to continually reinvent the wheel, to engage, inspire and excite. We will not be afraid to do professionally what we would be afraid to do personally. Our personal guarantee is delivering success to our clients and their events. We will continue to learn, transform and alter our style to master knowledge and meaning and show courage in being the best we can be.