corporate event party

How to make your corporate event party a huge success with 10 creative ideas

corporate event party

When you picture a corporate event party, you might imagine people all dressed in white collar, chatting with a glass of wine in their hand. Yes, this is true for many businesses, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of event. However, for those of you who want to host a truly unique and memorable event, you’ll want to see these ten creative ideas on how to make your corporate event party a huge success with professional help from corporate event management.

1. Virtual Reality
Virtual reality has created an enormous buzz around event functions. People will line up for hours to try out VR headset experiences. You could use VR headsets to experience something that is related to the event, be it a car that they could drive, new technology or an environment setting. Even a live concert or music on a VR headset is a powerful form of entertainment to include in your event.

2. Interactive Art Installation
We all love going to events where there is some form of interactive activity. How about including an interactive art installation into your corporate event party plan. You can relate this to your industry and what the latest trends are, to give your guests something interesting to talk about.

3. Contests
You can connect with your guests by creating a social media contest at the event. This can increase your social media following for your company, which is a fantastic tool for marketing to potential customers. You could also run games that give away prize packs of your products if the guests like your product it may be another excellent form of marketing as they will be able to spread their experience of your product by word of mouth. Gym memberships or other experience style prizes are also a fantastic way of building excitement and getting more attendees at your event.

4. Interactive Food & Drink Stations
At a corporate party event, everyone loves their food and drink, but a way to make it more fun and exciting is to use inspiration from food and beverage experiences beyond your regular restaurants.
A popcorn machine, sushi station, personalised cocktails, wine tasting or even a doughnut wall, are all unique ways of making your party snacks and drinks more interesting.

5. Pop Up Stalls
Pop up stalls are a fantastic way to add some fun into the party mix. You could host many different kinds of booths at your corporate event party including but not limited to a cosmetics stand, a cafe stall or food trucks, dessert stall, books stall or even a competition stall that gets guest to enter into a giveaway contest.

6. Sports Tournament
There aren’t many people who don’t like ping pong, but why just do regular ping pong by leaving people to play the game when they feel like it? What if it was a ping pong tournament! A little bit of competitive energy can be a lot of fun at an event. If you want to offer guests an incentive to play, give them a prize or a fun trophy to aim to win.

7. Dancers & Performers
Having a dancer or performer at your corporate event party is an excellent way of giving your guests plenty of entertainment. Let’s take it one step further and suggest getting in some belly dancers or Brazilian dancers that will encourage your guests to come out of their shells to join in with the dancing as well.

8. Tarot Readings
Tarot readings are a tonne of fun and can be a great subject of conversation during your corporate event party. You could always set up a mystical tent for the tarot reading to add an extra element to the concept.

9. Artists
Live artists that do performance art or live drawings will add that touch of creativity that can help shape the energy of the event. A caricature artist can also bring humour and give your guests a fun souvenir to take home after the event.

10. Wine & Painting
A brush and sip is a unique event activity that is sure to get the guests talking. Relaxing with paints and wine will help to break the ice for many of your guests and give a fun, creative vibe.


Don’t forget to double check your event planning checklist to make sure these creative ideas fit in with the overall goal and budget of your corporate party event.

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