Corporate event ideas to plan an innovative and memorable event

7 Corporate event ideas to plan an innovative and memorable event!

Corporate event ideas to plan an innovative and memorable event

It is reasonably easy to plan an average corporate event, but planning one that is exciting, fun and memorable can be a bit more challenging. Although, at the same time, it is an opportunity to show off your creativity and amaze all of your guests. Here we help you get started with 7 corporate event ideas to plan an innovative and memorable event!

  1. Tie in a theme

At the top of our corporate event ideas list for an innovative and memorable event is to tie in a theme with the event. We recommend something that might be relevant to the event itself or it could be chosen at random. You could even tie in a seasonal theme for example if it is held in winter you could include ice sculptures, fondue, hot chocolates, maybe even a toasty fire pit depending on the venue to keep your guests nice and warm.

  1. Make it interactive

Remember those events where you had the chance to participate in a fun, interactive activity and it gave you and fellow guests something to bond over? A big part of coming up with corporate event ideas is to make sure your guests will feel more at ease when socialising at the event. Adding in games, new technology (such as virtual reality headsets) and even photobooths can help break the ice and help people come out of their shell during your event.

  1. Consider your target audience’s interests and abilities

Take note of the interests and physical capabilities of your guests, and try to plan it so it can be as inclusive as possible. If you have guests who are in wheelchairs, ensure that your venue has wheelchair access and facilities so they will feel included and at ease when attending your event.  

  1. Ensure the food is spectacular and well presented

An amazing event always has to have fantastic food, the presentation is also just as important as the quality of the food served. But you need not stress, a professional caterer can take care care of all of this and give advice on what foods to have an how to cater for people with dietary requirements and allergies.

To give you further information on food catering we have written an in-depth blog post here.  

  1. Choose the right venue

When exploring your corporate event ideas, it is imperative that you choose a venue that will suit the activities you have planned for the event and how many guests you estimate will be there. You want to make sure that the event space isn’t too big that guests will be separated during the event, or too small that guests will be crammed into a confined area. Here at Sane Event Group we can help with choosing the right event space along with organising the draft floor plans.

  1. Hire professionals!

Hiring professionals is extremely important for planning a corporate event. It not only takes away a lot of the stress of trying to plan the whole event yourself, but also when hiring professionals you are receiving the benefit of dealing with people who have insurances to cover anything that goes wrong, maintenance records and also the appropriate licences to make sure everything is done legally at your event.

  1. Promote your brand

It wouldn’t be a corporate event without you showing off your brand! But there are even more ways of doing so than just organising banners with your company name on them. You could also use the event as an opportunity to give out some unique goodie bags with some useful, fun items that have your branding on them. This can include a branded tote bag, branded pens, notebooks or even glass water bottles. Notebooks and pens are fantastic for if your event has a talk, as guests may want to take notes. Plus chances are that they will continue to use your branded gifts in the future, reminding them of the event and most importantly your brand.

Here at Sane Event Group we have incredibly talented event planners that can help you in organising an innovative and memorable corporate event including help with sourcing the ideal catering. Get in touch with us today to plan your next amazing corporate event.